Barriers of Exit: Fundamentalism & Restorationism

James Rozak

Creator of Morning Mercy & Former Message Associate Pastor.

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3 Responses

  1. Joefrazer says:

    Could some one break it down for me to a child like story so I may understand what exactly the writer is trying to inform us/ me of here.. Please some body with the same exact mi f as the writer – better still, the writer himself, please!

  2. James Rozak says:

    Not a problem.
    Please note, this article is for people who are leaving the Message, so – if you aren’t, it may be a difficult concept to understand. However, for someone who is leaving, this will make sense.

    Fundamentalism teaches us to hold onto the past. In a sense, it tells you to be afraid of the world around you. In leaving the Message, many people will feel afraid to live outside of a community that tells you to think, live, dress, act according to the way the world was decades / centuries ago. It could make people think it is better or safer to stay in a false church, even if they know William Branham is false, rather than risk leaving and trying to figure out how to adapt to life apart from the Message. It makes it difficult for many people to leave, despite their honest concerns about the message.

    Hopefully this answers your question, and best wishes on your journey!

  3. Rhonda Meyer says:

    By “The Message” you mean what William B. taught. It’s not the gospel you’re talking about. I think that is what confused some. I love “Kingdom Preppers”who prepare people to enter the Kingdomwhich is coming as ourKing brings it and rules it. Praise Yah

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