caring for the heart

the story of counselling in the message

What is Caring for the Heart?

 A method of Christian counselling (created by John Regier) which, as a message pastor, I began to practice in our church. It was intended to help people overcome trauma that impacted relationship within marriage and with self.

My interest in learning Caring for the Heart was based on observed need; there was a dire void of help for people in the message who struggled with genuine personal issues (mental pain, trauma, abuse, marriage, relationships, moral failures, etc).

Even though we believed in prayer and spiritual/biblical impact through the ministry, some people still really struggled to overcome. Blame was often placed on the individual.  In my opinion, perhaps something more could be done to help.


Caring for the Heart was never intended to replace the preaching of the word (the message), and the effect of prayer. But after learning the method and practicing for a period of time, it began to reveal something disturbing – from my perspective.

Firstly, there were a disturbing number of people who were legitimately abused and hurting. Why?? Secondly, regardless of my intent or success, the message faithful did NOT like or approve my method. Why??  This series is just a story of personal experience and concern.