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a resource for people daring the painful choice of leaving fundamentalist religion.

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Podcast Episode 7 Morning Mercy

Podcast: My Story (Part 2): Leaving the Message

Continuing from my story of coming into the message, this video explains my experience in the church and decision to leave in 2013. Joining the Message seemed to be 'the answer' in my life. It felt like 'home' when I...

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Podcast Episode 6 Morning Mercy

Podcast: My Story (Part 1): Coming Into the Message

My personal story of being raised around message influence, and coming into church as a young adult after a confusing upbringing. My parents left the message when I was very young, but didn't have any conversations with me about why...

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Podcast Episode 4 Morning Mercy

Podcast: The Transforming Power of Social Pressure

One of the arguments I faced countless times while leaving the message was the issue of living a “clean life”. This is my viewpoint of why transformation is an expected result of social pressure, which the church thrives in creating.

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Podcast Episode 3 Morning Mercy

Podcast: Giving Yourself Permission to Move Forward

Giving yourself permission to step forward, breaking the "script" despite the feeling of fear is hard. It’s one of the most difficult things to do when you leave "The Message", or any performance-based religious group.

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Morning Mercy Podcast Introduction

Introducing the Morning Mercy Podcast

I have decided to step forward after years of silence, and contribute a perspective of the journey away from The Message, as a means of support for those struggling with leaving.

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A Message to Former Followers of William Branham

When someone makes a decision to examine the claims of William Branham, it begins a journey that is emotionally traumatic. The act of leaving “The Message of the Hour” exposes how deeply impacting the teaching was on the life of an individual. Until a person experiences it, it simply cannot be understood.

This website is not intended to attack the people who follow William Branham’s “message”. The purpose is to help those who are leaving to understand why the process of walking away is so traumatic. The benefit of “understanding” and gaining a healthy perspective will be part of healing and moving forward.

I hope this website helps you in your journey!

James Rozak
Former Pastor / Founder Morning Mercy