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Leaving the Message Podcast

A podcast featuring Former Minister Charles Paisley and John Collins giving extensive information about the history of William Branham’s life and ministry. This is the most comprehensive breakdown I’ve heard. Here are a sample of the over 100 episodes. 

Bro. Lance Laroux

Former Minister provides his explanation for why he made the heartbreaking decision to leave the message, including detail explanation of discrepancies within the claims of William Branham.

Centre for Apologetics Research

From an outside view, an interesting exploration of a non-message researcher who explains issues with William Branham’s claims. 

Bro. Tim Humes

Former Message Pastor provides his case in a “Trial” wherein he offers his well researched evidence. The audience is invited to participate as the jury, and consider the detailed evidence.  

Bro. Jeff Jenkins

Former pastor offers his sincere explanation for his resignation.

Bro. James Manual

Former Minister who spent many years serving in Africa explains why he left the message.