Need More Information About the Message?

There are other resources which will help you research the issues about William Branham’s ministry. These are resources which will challenge & investigate the teachings, prophesies and vindication of the Message.

We will continue updating and adding resources in the near future.

William Branham Historical Research

Extensive research of William Branham’s ministry, prophecies and teachings.

Believe the Sign

Believe The Sign

A resource for extensive information & discussion regarding major issues in William Branham’s ministry. | Facebook Forum Page

Seeking the Sacred Self Podcast

A podcast by my wife, Naomi Rozak, determined to help anyone suffering with fear, shame and disconnection from self. In the aftermath of the Message, it can be difficult to find healing and make sense of the overwhelming inner confusion. This is a useful source of insight for someone on a healing path of self-healing. 

Spotify Podcast   |  Apple Podcast

Searching for Vindication

Searching For Vindication

Thorough historical research blog examining documents, dates and timelines for major events in William Branham’s ministry.

Bitter Belly

The Bitter Belly

A personal viewpoint from a lady who gave up everything to find freedom. Her view is raw, real and is having a significant effect. | Facebook Forum Page

Prove the Claims

A resource examining in details the claims of William Branham.

ProveTheClaims Website