It’s 2017: Update from Morning Mercy

James Rozak

Four Years of Freedom

It is now the 4th Anniversary of my leaving the Message! If I were to compare the first days of leaving with how I am doing now – time has been wonderful! As I recall, I felt like it would be a never ending saga of questioning, inward fighting, trying to untangle the weave of indoctrination and mangled theology. I think the transition away is different for everyone, but with time behind us, my wife and I are now living a full and happy life of growth and adventure – message free.

I don’t believe it will ever entirely leave me; I was too invested and there are still many ties that bring us around the message culture – including family and friends. I continue to be friends with people from my former church and the greater message community. The common denominator with those people I’ve maintained a relationship with is simply this: care & respect.

With time and distance, the awkwardness has dissipated to a significant degree – although to this day, conversation about “the message” is off-limits. No one has wanted to know my thoughts or reasons – and the way to get along is to just leave it alone. If it means I’ll destroy an important relationship to talk about it – I prefer to ‘leave it alone’.

Do I Miss It, You Ask?

No. It was a phase in my life that, because I believed it so thoroughly, I embraced and enjoyed it for what it offered. I enjoyed the people, the feeling of security, the joy of doing my best to contribute and help others who were on the same journey. But the gift of distance and time away from the message gives me perspective – and not only do I not miss it, I am aghast and horrified that I believed it. It’s led me to spend an extraordinary amount of time studying the psychology of influence – because I could not understand how a person could be so fooled into setting aside rational thought to miss such obvious signs of deception and coercion.

I have struggled through phases of anger, regret and sadness, knowing that I gave so many years to the message. The loss is hard to swallow. But I realize that I have learned some deep lessons, have experienced some good times, and have a wonderful future yet to live. And my children will be spared from the trapping of the message, for which I am so grateful.

Moving Forward with Joy

I have a fresh view of life and I am excited for every day. I am pouring myself into life experiences, learning, relationships, family and still mindful of the people who I’ve left behind. Although I have not kept up with Morning Mercy, I still endeavor to spend more time sharing here. There have been reminders along the way of people suffering due to the message, and I don’t want to forget how important it is to keep a lifeline of hope for them.

Wishing all who read this blessings and well wishes for your journey!

James Rozak,
Creator of Morning Mercy

James Rozak

Creator of Morning Mercy & Former Message Associate Pastor.

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7 Responses

  1. Son of The King says:

    you look like a pimp going to a club.. shaved chest, unbuttoned shirt.. ready to strut that ladies man look.. so that’s the way you celebrate your freedom from God’s Message to the world?

  2. James Rozak says:

    Good day, Son of The King.

    I am rather thankful you decided to contribute this comment to this blog, for the reason your comment is available for observers to ponder on the quality of your words. Although I sincerely don’t believe most Message Believers I knew would share your attitude or assessment of my character based on what you assume through your observation and judgement, it does accurately represent what an unhealthy legalistic viewpoint looks like. But at the same time, I am sorry that you felt the need to write in the manner you did. It benefits nothing.

    As for the characteristics you assign to me through my abhorrent and vile appearance – you can choose to label me in whatever way suits your fancy. It only informs me that you don’t know me very well. 🙂

    Be blessed,

  3. Son of The King says:

    James, James, James…. the only one to “observer” is you. let’s see.. 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 15.. lost many articles you write without a single comment, i personally think you are wasting your time and energy with all this blah writing of how “I (james) is right” and cult belief is wrong.. *yeash.. the monologging you write is so looooog and boooooring.. (flash-forward) and of course, your life will become busy, and your interests will change as you get older and the only way people will know what you wrote is looking at this site through thewaybackmachine. (smile).. It’s fun asking Questions just to see what your Response is… thank you for leaving my 1st post online as I wanted you to.. and who said I was a message believer.. Please change your Avatar, it’s to green and makes you look sick..

  4. Son of The King says:

    Son Of The King, you are so right!

  5. Daughter of the king says:

    James, I enjoy reading your blog. My husband and I were in the message for many years. It has been a difficult journey nonetheless but I am thankful to God that I am out of that sect/cult. May God continue to bless you brother.

  6. Dear God, I’ve had pimps and they kook nothing like James lol coming from someone with experience to someone with no experience. You’re welcome.

  7. John Crowson says:

    Thank you James for every post you have ever written. The time and thought you put into it shows. It has encouraged me tremendously in my walk out of the message. Thanks for the inspiration. God bless you and your family! The prior commenters attitude speaks for itself. Complete bondage to negative thinking, no love. Would even make you question what king he’s the son of??

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