facing the message

articles that speak about the message of the hour & william branham

Dealing with the Message Issues

As per the purpose of this website, I don’t want to spend much time speaking directly to doctrine or William Branham personally. However, given the way the message teaching is woven into the lives of people associated with the Message, I know it will be necessary in the context of healing and understanding.  This will be the least updated section of the website because…. it’s depressing. 


Barriers of Exit: The Exodus Story

The following article is part of my “Barriers of Exit” series. These barriers are cognitive hurdles that make it extremely hard to question or leave the Message. For a questioning individual, they may have...

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One True Churches

A "One True Church" is a religious group that, through it's blend of teachings, impresses upon it's members that their group is THE ONLY path to truth.

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