Podcast: The Individual & Unique Experience of Leaving the Message

For anyone leaving a fundamentalist faith group, like the message of William Branham, the experience is going to be individual and unique.

Trying to compare, or expecting to find people who perfectly relate to our feelings and experiences, may be difficult. That’s because the place we are coming from are impacted by our unique circumstances; our upbringing, our church, our pastor, our parents, our understanding of teaching and doctrine – and the level of abuse. So – as you leave, know that the place “from where you are standing” will differ, and the path you take will likewise be yours to experience and choose. It’s okay for it to be this way – but, as you’ll begin to know, you are very much an individual. Something that you may not be accustom to being, coming from a ‘group mindset’ like your former church and belief system.

James Rozak

Creator of Morning Mercy & Former Message Associate Pastor.

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  1. John Czajkowski says:

    I appreciate what you had mentioned. I kind of experienced similar things. I know people who left are experiencing difficulties. They miss the fellowship and friends. I think getting over this is difficult and time is the healer.

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