Podcast: Giving Yourself Permission to Move Forward

If I were asked for one piece of advice to provide people in the early stages of leaving the message and an extreme faith group, I would say this: become endlessly curious, and seek understanding.

Understanding is a great demystifier; it pushes its way through confusion, emotions and second-guessing and bring clarity to all of the experience of leaving. Read the research. Talk to former members. Ask questions – of yourself, of others. Gather information. Journal and keep a record. Consider visiting a counsellor later in your journey to break down the impact. The more understanding you attain for what has happened to you, the less power it holds over you.

So become curious – and make it an intentional part of your journey away. There can also be tendency to avoid the work of ‘understanding’ – because it IS exhausting. It’s my encouragement to not turn away, and embrace it as a part of your healing journey

James Rozak

Creator of Morning Mercy & Former Message Associate Pastor.

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