Author: James Rozak


Barriers of Exit: Branham’s Ark

The Message is Branham’s Ark. He’s provided the way of escape by all his claims and promises. And this is the quandary for someone who is concerned about the message, and yet looks outside at the world.  Do you get out of Branham’s Ark? It’s a terrifying and paralyzing thought, and the people IN the ark with you have a LOT of fear leverage to you against you.


20/20 Perspective: Cults Within Cults

Early in my post-message life, I would have other former members approach me suggesting their experience was significantly different than what I experienced. Likewise, there were times when I would read someone else’s testimony and be horrified or amazing at how differently their message life was. I also received messages from current believers who tried to convince me that the problem was the church I attended; it was clear to them that the church I attended was not a “true” message church.