Separating the Messenger from the Message

James Rozak

Creator of Morning Mercy & Former Message Associate Pastor.

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2 Responses

  1. Cathie Liebenberg says:

    This is EXATLY what the Lord showed me about my friend. I told him OFTEN, that he filters everything through Branham (and I watched some the Message services and saw them quoting Branham more than Christ). I told him they elevate Branham and lower Christ. It is called brainwashing. I also believe Branham was sexually abused as a child and often that morphs into types of perversion and I saw hints of that with Branham’s behaviour.

  2. Saul Gutierrez says:

    Oye ,pero el Dijo que el filtro del hombre que piensa es laPalaba de Dios, ¿porqué tomaste a Branham como el fltro?

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