Fallen Forward

Moving On from Religion

For the many people who have left the message of William Branham, there might come an inevitable time of questioning the merit and impact of religion itself.  This in itself is a compounding trauma to add to the already difficult path away from ‘The Message’.

I myself no longer can call myself a Christian.  Although I am not atheist, the tenants that comprise the biblical narrative of Jesus Christ, and the history of mankind, now rings hollow.

These are articles that may help someone, from my personal perspective, as they calibrate the road ahead.

Barriers of Exit: Fundamentalism & Restorationism

Although not unique to the Message, Fundamentalism & Restorationism are part of the fabric of being a believer in William Branham's message. The affect these have on your thinking, and your ability to leave the message, is significant. Let's take...

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Barriers of Exit: Branham’s Ark

The Message is Branham's Ark. He's provided the way of escape by all his claims and promises. And this is the quandary for someone who is concerned about the message, and yet looks outside at the world.  Do you get...

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20/20 Perspective: Cults Within Cults

Early in my post-message life, I would have other former members approach me suggesting their experience was significantly different than what I experienced. Likewise, there were times when I would read someone else's testimony and be horrified or amazing at...

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20/20 Perspective: Shunning

Who Shunned Who? Honestly. This is a question I've had to really reflect on. In the immediate aftermath, it could be well documented in my writing on this website how the message folk effectively 'shunned' people who left. I felt...

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Barriers of Exit: The Exodus Story

The following article is part of my “Barriers of Exit” series. These barriers are cognitive hurdles that make it extremely hard to question or leave the Message. For a questioning individual, they may have...

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Disclosure & Vulnerability (2020)

I’ve spent a long time on Morning Mercy through the years. It’s hard to explain how much was invested in this online space. Most the effort will never be visible on the pages or...

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