What Did I Believe Immediately After Leaving the Message?

James Rozak

Creator of Morning Mercy & Former Message Associate Pastor.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi James

    A very interesting site. I am presently in the process of leaving a splinter group from the ‘message’. I identify and agree with much of what you have written on this site.

    One interesting deviation you and I have is that in the process of coming to the conclusion that Branham was a fraud, (and I use that term freely) I also dug even deeper into claims the bible itself makes. I now find no grounds for the existence of any god(s) let alone his prophet. From your site you seemed to have retained a belief in God which I find interesting considering you have come out from what is probably one of the most extreme Christian offshoots.

    I’d be interested as to why you retained a belief in God, and what version of Christianity you identify with.


  2. Hello James, I have left the message. I just wanted you to know. Too many problems and contradictions. I am 59 and have been exposed to the message sence I was 16. I have made a little blog about what I believe. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Joseph says:

    Wow, another website designed to garner attention and pity from a disheartened Christian. Oh James, I had such high hopes for you……

  4. James Rozak says:

    Dear Joseph,

    I am supposing you might know me personally, from the way you’ve addressed me. Thank you – for your hope in me, and I am sorry that I disappoint you. However, though we assuredly have different opinions – I don’t think it’s fair to suggest a difference of opinion demonstrates a lack of sincerity. I believe, wholeheartedly, that the people I once walked with in the Message are sincerely believing and doing their best. I believe that despite the fact I disagree with the Message. I still tune into message sermons now and then – and I listen with ears that remembers the phrases, the atmosphere, the sincerity. I simply wish they might have come to the same conclusion I did about William Branham, if they had weighed the information I did contesting his ministry.

    So – do you assume I am only seeking pity and attention? You don’t suppose I actually care for people who may be taking the road I did, and who are about to undergo the most painful emotional experience of their life? I am sorry you think so. In any case – I hope you, Joseph, are happy and well in your journey. Blessings to you!

  5. Trina says:

    Can you please tell me which accounts we DO know to be true, concerning WMB? You pointed this is out in your details in #2.

  6. James Rozak says:

    I just want to be clear; when I wrote this “Statement of Faith”, it was not even a week after I had left my church. I didn’t leave because I had absolute clarity on who William Branham was. I was not yet willing to say even William Branham was a false prophet, or how my concerns impacted my views of the Malachi 4 prophecy. My position at that time was that the Message followers (myself included) were being shockingly dishonest and willfully blind to not acknowledge the substantial problems that had been exposed. My concern was so significant, I was willing to surrender my ministry and lose my place in the community – regardless of the cost.

    When I said that “WE DO KNOW” there were accounts which were true, I did so genuinely believing that William Branham was still a powerful man of God, and many of the things he said must have been true. It was as much as I knew at that time. I was trying desperately to maintain a bridge between where I was and what I formerly believed; I didn’t want to lose my amazement and respect for this man whom I held in such regard. I also felt that expressing as much respect as possible for William Branham would allow me to maintain bridges with my former friends and relationships in the church.

    However, none of those sentiments of hope and respect are rooted in reality. One of the most powerful things about leaving the message is the freedom of mind that occurs: you can begin to think without constraints or pressure to hold together the pieces of the Message that were confusing, vague, fragmented and broken. I could look at things critically and honestly. My opinion is – it’s hard to know if anything is true at all. I do not believe he foretold a single credible prophecy that came to pass. Yes, he told stories about real people and, in many cases, actual events. But based on examination of his words, his proclivity towards dishonesty, embellishment, incorrect facts and fear tactics – there was little, if anything, about his claims that can be verified. In other words, for myself, I cannot name any accounts which I count as being “true”.

    Thank you for the question!

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