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A Testimony: A Challenge for the Gospel

This testimony of Danny Burboa (short version) offers a genuine account of his experience leaving the Message to follow Christ. (To view the full version: http://youtu.be/mAFrugGw1Js)  

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A Testimony: Standing for the Bible

Despite a passion for the message, Matt Landes was willing to walk away for sake of the truth of scripture. Watch his testimony, explaining why he chose to leave the message to stand for the truth of the Bible.

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A Testimony: Leaving for Christ

Some people say that when a person leaves the message, it is only to chase after things of the world. Here is the story of Jennifer Landes, who left the message to follow Christ.  We are proud for the courage Jennifer has displayed in sharing her story. […]

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A Call to Be Free

It Couldn’t Be Fixed – It Had to Be Demolished This is the story of how pastors and leaders in the Worldwide Church of God stood for truth, and turned away from their version of “Malachi 4″, their end-time Elijah on the basis of scripture. Herbert Armstrong […]

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For the Record….

I would not call Brother Donny Reagan a racist.  Though I have not been around him enough to speak with any authority of his daily life, I have no reason to think he has ever treated anyone, regardless of skin colour, as lesser or without dignity on […]

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Why it is So Hard To Challenge Those We Trust

You are twenty eight years old. You are married with children. You had a good life, growing up in a stable home. Your parents were loving and provided all your needs for your entire life. And one day, a family friend approaches you with a shocking confession. […]

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Changes Coming in 2014

I sincerely hope that you had a great Christmas holiday with your family! As the New Year approaches, I am planning some changes with this website. Over the past year, it has been a time of reflection and personal healing. If I am honest, I wasn’t feeling […]

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A Prayer for the Hurting Loved Ones

Peace Be to Those Who Do Not Agree We receive messages on a regular basis from those who are in the process of leaving the Message; and it is often agonizing for family members and friends to watch the change. It is my opinion, as a Christian […]

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How does the Message Compare?

does this sound familiar? Please, do yourself a favor – and listen. God Bless.

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Update & Thank you!

It’s Going Well!

Firstly, we just want to thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response from our many visitors.

In the first couple weeks since going live, we’ve had hundreds of people pass through our website, receiving messages from dozens of readers. Many of you have chosen to remain anonymous, which we fully understand. We’ve had numerous messages from people who are silently questioning, too constrained due to pressures and fears to communicate their thoughts with loved ones (including spouses) or church relationships (including pastors). They come from all over the world!

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