about morning mercy

Who Are We?

It’s a secret. :) (Well – not really)

With the contributing support of many who have already journeyed out of the Message, we are happy that former Message Minister James Rozak has played a significant role in bringing this website to life.


We were Message Believers for a long time.

We loved the Message, and lived it with a passion. We did not leave because we didn’t want to ‘live the life’. We left because something was clearly very wrong.

We have countless friends still in the Message, and we love them – and still consider them wonderful friends who we would trust implicitly. We have family in the Message – and we don’t want awkward family meals. We wish nothing had changed – it was a whole lot easier before. Ease is far from a motivating factor (we would have stayed if that were the case).

One man who left the Mormon church aptly stated that he didn’t expect to ever “replace” the degree of comfort he felt in the community of his former faith. And it’s true – there is a comfort in familiarity that comes with having so much in common with a group of people. We miss it – and perhaps that’s why we wanted to lend our voice. Because we really do believe – the Message is very wrong.

Treading topics like we are doing is obviously delicate – and we want to present an honest but mindful approach to these issues. When someone comes to the website, we want to give off the impression that we care about where people are in their journey; including those who are still in the Message. Our belief is that there are good Christian people who remain in the Message. We expect many will not understand the need to challenge the Message teaching, and we don’t want them to feel completely trampled over. At the same time – we believe they need to be shown there are reasons for the dysfunction and the apparent turmoil. And no – it’s not the ‘squeeze’.

So why do we feel the need to say something? Because we sincerely believe that the Message is unhealthy and in error. And by experience, we’ve talked to many, many, many people along the way who constantly feel battered, weak and unworthy of God’s acceptance. We’d like those people to realize – perhaps the problem isn’t you, but the “goal” has been stretched too far through misrepresentation of the Gospel.

We now have a simple desire.

For ourselves, to get rooted in scripture and to grow in Jesus Christ – and to help others. We hope we can help others who have struggled in the Message to find themselves on a road to healing, understanding and spiritual growth in the Gospel of our Lord.

God Bless you!