20/20 Perspective: Shunning

James Rozak

Creator of Morning Mercy & Former Message Associate Pastor.

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  1. John Snow says:

    I experienced this shunning first-hand when I left and continue to see my sister experience it frequently; she left (or was asked to leave) several years ago but have family members who still attend and often ‘shuns’ their mother. I find family shunning very disturbing and un-Christian, ironic given that ‘Message’ members believe they are the chosen or ‘elect’ of God and conduct themselves accordingly. I speak to former church friends occasionally, rarely really, and it simply is a function of our interests, activities and conversation are no longer compatible; simply, we no longer have anything in common. Unlike most people who are members of other denominations where their faith is part of their life, the ‘Message’ is not just a part of a “Believers’ life, it is their life. Therefore it governs all of their activities, their conversation, their view of the world, where they live and what relationships they have. I think it is nearly impossible for you, me or others that have left the ‘Message’ to have a meaningful friendship with a ‘Believer’. Any relationship that I have with ‘Message believers’ is superficial at best, it would be a stretch to even call them friends; sad but true.

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