daring choices

a resource for people daring the painful choice of leaving the message of william branham.

feature articles

20/20 Perspective: Shunning

Having left the message in 2013, this is a look back in hindsight of the things I’ve learned with the blessing of time and distance.  These are personal thoughts and opinions from my experience. ...

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Barriers of Exit: The Exodus Story

The following article is part of my “Barriers of Exit” series. These barriers are cognitive hurdles that make it extremely hard to question or leave the Message. For a questioning individual, they may have...

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A Message to Former Followers of William Branham

When someone makes a decision to examine the claims of William Branham, it begins a journey that is emotionally traumatic. The act of leaving “The Message of the Hour” exposes how deeply impacting the teaching was on the life of an individual. Until a person experiences it, it simply cannot be understood.

This website is not intended to attack the people who follow William Branham’s “message”. The purpose is to help those who are leaving to understand why the process of walking away is so traumatic. The benefit of “understanding” and gaining a healthy perspective will be part of healing and moving forward.

I hope this website helps you in your journey!

James Rozak
Former Pastor / Founder Morning Mercy