Morning Mercy will be undergoing some major updates soon. Please pardon any inconveniences during transition. Thank you!

This is intended to be a resource of healing & refuge for those on the journey out of the Message of William Branham.

There are a lot of strong and mixed emotions that accompany this decision to challenge the teaching of William Branham. It’s difficult to know what to do with the unavoidable pieces that begin to fall from the picture you once held onto as your reality. Morning Mercy is a place of new beginnings, where the Lord’s mercies can be found fresh like the morning dew.

For those who are seeking a softer voice through the turmoil of questioning and change, whether you are simply ‘questioning’, or you have already left – I want to offer a place of healing.

This website is NOT intended for the purpose of exposing false teachings or errors of prophecy, although certain subjects will be addressed for sake of explanation.